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Regarding product use, cleaning, and policies


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Yes, it can be found here: User Manual

Grasp the grey slider seal and pull until it slides off of the top of the reservoir. Flip the flap up. Located towards the top of the flap, pull the thin TPU material away from the top in opposite directions. This will open your reservoir and you'll be ready to fill it up. 

You can watch a video HERE.

*Brand new reservoirs may take more effort to open on the first use. After the reservoir is open for the first time, it will be much easier to open for the rest of the life of the product.*

Each Drankful Adventure Pack comes with 2 extra cinch straps. These attach to the various hidden attachment loops on the vest in case you needed to lock down any larger, bulkier gear that does not fit in the confines of the pack.

Yes, it can be cut to customize to the perfect length for you. Just pull the bite valve off, cut with a sharp pair of scissors or blade to your desired length, then press the bite valve back on.  

Bite down on the soft portion of the valve and suck at the same time. This will start the flow of water to your mouth. When you're finished drinking, the valve will self-seal when not in use. To further protect against accidental spilling, you can also rotate the (blue) body of the valve 90 degrees until it is positioned on the mark with an "X". This will shut off any flow of liquids. To take another sip, the valve will have to be positioned back to the mark with an "O."

Yes, they are BPA and PVC free.  

The reservoir was designed to carry both cold and warm water. It can be completely frozen and reach a maximum temperature of 140°F. 

Yes, but please don't fill it all the way up before you put it in the freezer. Ice expands and it could split open the film if it's completely full. As soon as you remove the reservoir from the freezer, we recommend adding a little bit of cold water to the frozen liquids to break up any potential sharp ice shards that could potentially puncture the film. 

The recommended liquids and
nutrition products for the reservoir are as follows: 

- Water

- Electrolyte drinks

- Nutritional gels

- Powdered protein

- Cleaning tablets

We advise not putting the following liquids in your reservoir, as they can leave a lasting taste in the film, cause the film to change color, and in some cases may degrade the material: 

- Coffee

- Tea

- Juice

- Cooking oil

- Milk

- Any liquid above 140 °F (60 °C)

We also recommend that you do not put any of the following liquids into your reservoir:

- Alcoholic beverages

- Anything highly acidic, such as vinegar

- Anything highly basic, such as ammonia

- Fuel

- Motor/Machine oil


All packs are hand wash only using soap and water. Then air dry. Do not put them in the washing machine or dryer. 

The reservoir is fully reversible, making both cleaning and drying easy and efficient. First, place your hand inside the reservoir, grab the bottom, and turn the reservoir inside-out (like a sock). Then, you can either place it on the top-shelf of the dishwasher or rinse by hand with mild soap and water. Dry completely before reusing. 

Yes, it is. Please use the top-shelf of the dishwasher. 

All components are removable to make your cleaning experience a breeze. Disconnect the drinking tube from the reservoir and pull the bite valve off to remove the valve from the tube. Clean both tube and valve with mild soap and water. Dry completely before reinserting the components back together. 


Drankful makes size exchanges quick and easy. Once you receive your pack, try it on to see how it fits. If you’d like a different size, we can do an exchange just as long as the following conditions are met.

- It's in brand new condition (never been worn for any type of exercise/activity yet)

- All the original tags are still on it

- It's within 30 days from the date of delivery

If all 3 conditions are met, please email hello@drankful.com and we’ll be happy to begin the exchange process.

We work very hard on making sure that each product that's shipped out passes stringent quality control procedures. However, occassionally, there may be something that goes unnoticed.

If there is anything faulty with your product, or we sent the wrong order by mistake, please reach out to hello@drankful.com for assistance. Please note that any returns will have to be sent back to us within 30 days from the date of delivery for a full refund.


Please email hello@drankful.com for any additional questions or support.